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Your safety is our first priority, but we'll make sure it looks damn good too.

Morne Vertue - VC Fit-Out

Meet Morné, there is nothing that this partner’s hands cannot build. If you can dream it, he can build it. With an impressive arsenal of technical knowledge and an optimistic disposition, his can-do attitude will transform your house into a home. 

Clifford Lotter - VC Fit-Out

Meet Cliffie, this quick-witted, charming partner will not only help you envision your dream home, but he’ll slap it together within minutes as if he were a neurosurgeon playing operation. And before you know it you’ve invited him for dinner.  “Nothing like having a bigger deck than your neighbour.” 

Some interesting statistics

Numbers Speak For Themselves

projects completed
m²'s decked
screws used

VC Fit-out's humble beginning

Morne and Clifford combined have twenty years of experience in construction and counting. VC Fit-out began in the heart of Cape Town during their free time as a decking company. Gaining experience with each project, they have not only expanded their services but have grown as a company fit to handle large commercial contracts.

VC Fit-out works hand-in-hand with their clients to ensure both the design and quality of their products suiting their clients’ custom needs. Resulting in the creation of superior quality internal and external installations. 

”Our design approach enables us to understand our clients’ needs which translates these ideas into living spaces that are not only pleasing but practical”.

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